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Save Now Charity Events

Every December, members of our team get out to the downtown east side (DTES) to donate their time and energy in supporting the community. In 2014, we handed out hot soup and sandwiches to those in need in DTES. This past winter, we donated new, warm sweaters to Vancouver's Covenant House's backpack program. [...]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Furnishing an office is not an easy task. It is time consuming and tedious. More often than not, many business owners don’t complete the necessary planning and buy office furniture on impulse. This results in a beautiful office that doesn't fulfil company’s or employee needs. Sure, office furniture should be pleasing to the eye but it also should provide what is necessary to improve business and employee productivity.[...]

How to Select an Ergonomic Chair

Unless you are James Bond, chances are you work in an office that involves sitting in a chair for long hours to churn profits for your company. Sitting in a chair for long periods can lead to stress on many body parts if you don’t have an ergonomic chair. Therefore, it is really important to choose a proper ergonomic chair for yourself that supports your body and gives you comfort over time. This article takes a closer look at the different factors you need to consider when selecting an ergonomic chair.[...]

The Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Standing Tables

Today, a majority of people have sedentary lifestyles. If you are like most people, you spend 8 hours sitting in front of a computer screen with just one or two breaks. Humans are born to move so if you stay still for an extended period of time, your health will be affected. [...]

Save Now Furniture Now Offering Financing

At Save Now Furniture, we strive to build close relationships with our clients by providing a pleasant and easy shopping experience that fits their budget. We know running a business is hard work, so you can depend on us to make furnishing your office space a breeze.[...]

Importance of Reception Areas in Office

When someone enters your office, the first thing they notice is the reception. As they say, “First impression is the last impression.” Whether it is your client, a new employee, or anyone else, they will judge your company by how efficient and visually appealing your front reception is. Your reception area should exude a professional attitude.[...]

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